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100 Washes™ Wash & Wax

100 Washes™ Wash & Wax

Super Concentrated for More Cleaning Power!

  • Contains 4 times more cleaning power per ounce than non-concentrated car washes.
  • More power to cut through stubborn dirt and road film.
  • More power to give more buckets of rich, deep cleaning foam.
  • Contains Carnauba Wax to give a water-beading shine with every wash.
  • Used full strength, removes bugs & tar on contact.
  • Great value in a small package.

Package Size: 28 oz
SKU# 615458
Car Care Tips
    If you want a car wash that will last you a long, long time, then 100 Washes is for you. You only need to squeeze a small amount of 100 Washes to get a bucket full of rich foam. Only one squeeze for one second! This will give you enough soapy foam to wash a whole car. Of course if you love a foamy wash, add more and enjoy the bubbles! To dry we recommend Formula 1 Super Dry microfiber cloth because it is extra large with thick fibers that soak up water fast. With a clean car that shines like new, you are ready to hit the road.

    I like that this product is environmentally friendly. Works really well and should last me a very long time.
    - Sara E.

    I always have this product in my garage. Great value!
    - Jim A.

    Easy to use and really leaves my van nice and shiny. I give it two thumbs up.
    - Curtis C.