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Bug & Tar Remover

Bug & Tar Remover

Quickly Removes Bugs, Tar and Tree Sap

  • Easily removes soil from all exterior surfaces.
  • Powerful solvents penetrate and lift stubborn stains.
  • Leaves a deep shine.
  • Clearcoat safe.

Package Size: 16 oz
SKU# 615867
Car Care Tips
    Bugs, tar, dirt and grime stick to your car and don't come off easily. When a deep clean is needed, Formula 1 Bug & Tar is the best solution. It has the strength to remove the toughest buildup without damaging the surface. It can be tempting to scrub with a rough bristle brush or something from the kitchen, but that will scratch the surface. Formula 1 Super Sponge has a coarse side to safely scrub off tough dirt and grime without scratching. After removing the gunk, put a protective coat of Formula 1 Paste Wax to make the job easier next time!

    Works great! The tar on the sides of my SUV wiped right off.
    - Jen M.

    I often have to park near or under a pine tree and sap drips onto my car. This product does the trick. It all came off, whether it was on paint, glass or plastic. Thanks!
    - Heather D.

    After a recent road trip, I discovered an unbelievable amount of bug splatters on my front end. I thought I'd never get it all off. Used this product and was pleasantly surprised. My car is now bug free.
    - Jason P.