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Carnauba Fast Wax™

Carnauba Fast Wax™

Carnauba Wax Shine and Protection - Fast!

  • Fastest, easiest way to Carnauba Wax shine and protection.
  • Shines all exterior finishes including bumpers, trim and chrome.
  • Leaves no powdery residue.
  • Gives a deep, glossy shine.
  • Safe for all paint finishes, including clear coat.
  • Easy to use—just spray and wipe!

Package Size: 16 oz
SKU# 615056
Car Care Tips
    Always wash your car before waxing. We recommend using Formula 1 Wash and Wax to get your car clean and ready for waxing. Spray Fast Wax on small sections of your car and use a microfiber to lightly polish. The best way to use a microfiber is to fold it four ways. This soft cushion provides control when waxing. Super Shine is the perfect microfiber for waxing with Fast Wax.

    This is the perfect product to clean and protect. Water beads up and runs right off.
    - Elisabeth D.

    When I use this on my car, it shines like a show car. I've been using it every week. I usually wax my car with paste waxes and it lasts a long time, but it takes a lot of time and you can't always wax your car every month. Formula 1 Spray Wax does the job in between waxing periods.
    - Umi S.

    - Great for a quick wax, though it looks like you've waxed for hours.
    - Joan B.