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Fragranced Protectant 3-Pack

Fragranced Protectant 3-Pack

Shines, Protects and Freshens Interiors!

  • An assortment of popular Formula 1 Fragranced Protectants.
  • Shines, protects and freshens.
  • Leaves a lustrous shine with no oily residue.
  • Time-released fragrance keeps car interiors smelling fresh for days.

Package Size: 10.64 oz
SKU# 615203
Car Care Tips
    The interior of your car needs to be clean and comfortable because let's face it--you spend a lot of time sitting in your car seat. With our Fragranced Protectants, you can also have a fresh-smelling car while cleaning and conditioning. Apply throughout the car to ensure the great smell lasts. The best way to apply protectant is with a microfiber. We recommend Formula 1 Super 2-Pack because you get a microfiber for the interior, and a bonus microfiber for the outside of your car.

    Gives that new car shine along with the smell of it, too. I love it for my dashboard and interior.
    - Jesus M.

    Leaves a really nice shine without looking oily. Lasts for good while, too. Great stuff.
    - Chuck P.

    Like that this left a nice scent along with a clean dash that looks like new. Will be buying again.
    - Samantha W.