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Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellant

Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellant

Clean, Streak-Free Shine Repels Water to Improve Visibility

  • Cleans bugs, dirt and road film from auto glass without streaking.
  • Beads water to improve driving visibility in rain.
  • Just spray, wipe and lightly buff to a water-repelling shine.
  • Helps prevent rain, bugs and grime from sticking to glass.

Package Size: 24 oz
SKU# 615807
Car Care Tips
    Squeaky windshield wipers are annoying and they don't work well. You don't need to buy a new set of wipers…just spray Formula 1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant on your windshield. Not only will your wipers glide smoothly, but rain will bead and roll off so you won't even need to turn your windshield wipers on with light rain. Plus, you will clean your windshield at the same time so you can see clearly while driving. Don't forget about your side mirrors because Formula 1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant works great on them too!

    I tried this product because a friend had recommended it. I was pleasantly surprised that this actually works! It rains quite a bit in Seattle and it is nice to be able to see through the rain, with limited use of the windshield wiper.
    - Julie N.

    We used this on our boats, cars, and the windows on our three homes. Makes a huge difference in how often we need to clean them, plus it allows the rain to literally sheen right off.
    - Sal K.

    I was going on the highway doing over 70 mph and the rain water just wouldn't stay! The drops kept rolling upwards, enabling me to see the road clearly! And I was not using the wiper. I noticed that the traffic around me had slowed but I could just go through without wiping. This product does exactly what it says it does.
    - Adam A.