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Premium Paste Wax

Premium Paste Wax

Ultimate Brilliant Shine and Lasting Super-Polymer Protection

  • Pre-softened paste wax spreads on and buffs off easily.
  • Removes fine swirls and scratches, giving paint deep color and shine.
  • Gives supreme protection against UV rays, rain and dirt.
  • Leaves no white residue in body seams and molding.
  • Can be used in sun or shade.
Package Size: 8 oz
SKU# 517345
Car Care Tips
    Crosslinked polymers are the latest in car wax protection and shine. Formula 1 provides this advanced technology in our newest line of Premium products. Apply an even coat of Premium Paste Wax to your car. Then wait 5 minutes before wiping clean. This allows time for the polymers to bond to the surface, forming a coating of crosslinked polymers. Formula 1 Super Shine microfiber is the perfect cloth to use for waxing with Premium products. Once fully waxed, your car is shining bright with protection that is ready for anything.

    Did a nice job on the swirls on my paint finish. My car hasn't looked this good in a very long time.
    - Kevin W.

    I expected this would be hard to apply and buff out, but it's not at all. And a little goes a long way. Great shine and protection.
    - Jesse H.

    I will definitely buy this again. My car looked brand new when I was done. The color was rich again. Great stuff!
    - Aaron V.