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Premium Wash & Wax

Premium Wash & Wax

Brilliant Shine and Super-Polymer Protection as it Washes

  • Gives light-duty Super Polymer shine and protection.
  • Rich foam easily cleans dirt, brake dust and road film.
  • Keeps auto finishes beautiful and protected between waxings.
Package Size: 32 oz
SKU# 517377
Car Care Tips
    Using Premium Wash & Wax is a great way to get the best protection and shine. With a high quality car wash, we recommend two buckets for washing. One soapy bucket and one bucket for clean rinsing. First, pour Formula 1 Premium Wash & Wax in the bucket you plan to use for soapy water. Use this to clean and scrub off any dirt or grime. Formula 1 super sponge is perfect for this part of the job. Then rinse off your car with a bucket of clean water. Once you are done we suggest drying with Super Dry because the plush microfiber absorbs quickly and won't scratch the surface. With a clean car, you are ready to hit the road!

    Great product and the protection really seems to last.
    - Jeff S.

    Really nice car wash. Left a beautiful shine--my buddy couldn't believe it was from a car wash and not a wax. He borrowed my bottle and now I'll probably never get it back!
    - Justin S.

    I was looking for a car wax product but got this Wash & Wax instead. It's easy to use and gives a polished look afterwards.
    - Julie A.