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Black Gold Wheel Cleaner


  • Finest silicone polymers give a deep, rich shine.
  • Brings back original luster of tires.
  • Oil-free, water-resistant formula won't "brown out" tires like other tire shines.
  • Will not discolor tires or cause damage to tire wall as do cheaper products.
  • Best value... up to 8 vehicle applications!
  • Outshines and outlasts tire foams and protectants.
  • Just spray on and walk away.
Black Gold Wheel Cleaner


Helpful Hints
  • Use a clean, soft cloth to apply to smaller areas, like vinyl trim, black rubber bumpers and molding.
  • Do not drive immediately after applying a dressing to your tires. Unabsorbed product may spin off the tires and onto car body panels.
  • Using detergent, wash any remaining product off cement or asphalt to avoid stains and slippery conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do tire dressings improve anything other than the appearance of my tires?
Penetrating-type liquid silicone dressings form a flexible, protective shield on rubber. Liquid silicone seals small openings to prevent the penetration of moisture and dirt. This protects your tires from dulling, fading and cracking.

Is it true that once I start using a dressing, I will always have to use it?
This is entirely false! No surface can become "addicted" to a dressing or protectant. Naturally, without the use of these products, your tires will become dull, but that is due to neglect, not because your tires are “addicted” to these products.

Why is using a tire dressing better than using a protectant?
These products typically offer more protection, durability, and depth of gloss in comparison to most protectants.

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615258 Black Gold Tire Shine 680 mL.