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Formula 1 High Performance Auto Care Products Chinese
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Motorcycle Wax
  • Leaves a beautiful, high-gloss shine on all hard surfaces.
  • Provides lasting protection.
  • Exclusive micropolishers remove minor scratches and haze.
  • Safe for paint, chrome, Lexan® and fairings.
  • Goes on fast, wipes off easily.
Motorcycle Wax
Helpful Hints
  • Formula 1 Motorcycle Wax should be used on cool surfaces.
  • Wash and dry motorcycle surfaces before using Formula 1.
  • Apply Formula 1 to chrome to keep it shiny and protected.
  • Perfect for every day bikes to sport bikes.
Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a separate polish or pre-wax before using Formula 1 Motorcycle Wax?
With Formula 1, there is no need to pre-wax or polish first. Formula 1 is designed to remove scratches and haze and restore finishes to their original color and shine... all in one step.

What about a scratch in the gas tank?
Formula 1 Motorcycle Wax can polish out minor surface imperfections like scratches, scuffs or blemishes and will even restore optical clarity to your headlight lens and windshield!

Can Formula 1 Motorcycle Wax be used on metal parts like the frame, rims or swing-arm?
Formula 1 Motorcycle Wax is also a great metal polish, easily removing chain grease and brake dust that may have accumulated on metal surfaces. It leaves a smooth, consistent shine.

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615088 Motorcycle Wax 114 g.