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Scratch Out Liquid


  • Unique micropolishers remove surface scratches, swirls, haze and oxidation from clear coat finishes.
  • Restores paint color, making paint finishes look like new.
  • Won't scratch clear coat paint like conventional rubbing compounds.
  • Exclusive non-abrasive liquid formulation is convenient and easy to use.
  • Also clears yellowed, scratched and hazy head lamps.
Scratch Out Liquid


Helpful Hints
  • Don't place grocery bags, luggage or other objects on the car top or trunk.
  • Never "dry wipe" your car with dry cloths, as it may cause scratching.
  • Rinse wash mitts or rags often to remove scratch-causing dirt and grime.
  • Use a gentle stream of water when rinsing your car, and avoid the high-pressure handles that have become so popular. They can drive dirt and grime into the finish, rather than wash it off.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Scratch Out work?
By utilizing a special blend of micropolishing agents and silicone blends, Scratch Out is able to re-level the paint surface and make it uniform and smooth. Unlike abrasive rubbing compounds, Scratch Out won't damage clear coat finishes.

How can some paste rubbing compounds actually damage my paint finish?
Paste rubbing compounds were developed for old-fashioned lacquer or acrylic lacquer paints that dulled from oxidation. They are very abrasive. Scratch Out is made for clear coats, so it's non-abrasive and won't scratch or harm paints.

What causes swirl marks?
Swirl marks are actually microscopic scratches in the finish. These are often caused by hand application or removal of harsh car waxes or paste rubbing compounds. Automatic car washes can also cause swirls. Follow the "Helpful Hints" on this page to avoid scratching your finish.

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615011 Scratch Out Liquid 207 mL.