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Quick Fix Multipack

Quick Fix Multipack

The complete kit for fixing exterior flaws

  • Scratch Out removes fines scratches, swirls and haze from all auto paint finishes.
  • Headlight Restorer restores cloudy, dull and yellowed headlights to look like new. One easy step.

Package Size: 7 oz
SKU# 615183
Car Care Tips
    Finding a scratch on your car is frustrating. How did it happen? Who did this? Can I fix it? YES! Formula 1 Scratch Out has been trusted for 25 years to remove scratches and restore car finishes. Step 1 is to clean the surface. Formula 1 Wash & Wax is perfect for cleaning and preparing the car surface. Step 2 is to apply Scratch Out to a microfiber cloth and rub into the scratch in a circular motion. Step 3 is flip the cloth to the clean, dry side and buff. Formula 1 Super Shine microfiber is perfect for the job, so make sure you have what you need to fix your scratch.

    With Formula 1 Headlight Restorer and Sealent, you get clean headlights and a protective coating. This is all you need! Many headlight products tell you to sand your headlights to remove dirt and sun damage…don't do it! Sanding removes a layer of plastic which makes the lens more vulernable to damage. Formula 1 Headlight Restorer and Sealant used with a microfiber such as Formula 1 Super Shine is all you need to clean and protect your headlights!

    A great product that I always have in my garage!
    - Brian B.

    This was so easy to use compared to some of the kits I've seen. The headlights look 100% better and I can tell the lights are brighter at night. This works!
    - Cass S.