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Super Pads

Super Pads

Thick Terry Pads Spread Wax or Protectant Evenly and Quickly

  • Better than foam for a swirl-free shine.
  • Soft terry cloth won't scratch.
  • Two pads per pack.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Overall approximate size: 3"
Package Size: 2 Pads
SKU# 625027
Car Care Tips

    I use these for waxes, cleaners and leather products. The terry works well for rubbing away dirt and grime. Nice quality.
    - Casey H.

    Solid construction. I have a bunch of these around for various waxing and cleaning jobs. They hold up well.
    - Jake L.

    I bought these for my car, but I've found many uses in the house as well. They've impressed me with how long they last. I think they are a great value.
    - Carla M.