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Super Wand

Super Wand

Quickly Wipes Away the Toughest Brake Dust

  • Wheel and rim wand quickly and thoroughly cleans hard to reach areas.
  • Super soft microfiber won't scratch wheels like other wheel brushes.
  • Metal-free for safe cleaning.
  • Leaves no lint behind.
  • Overall approximate size: 2.25" x 1.63" x 11.19"
Package Size: 1 Wand
SKU# 625073
Car Care Tips

    No worries about scratching your wheels. This wand is really soft, but did a great job cleaning in between the spokes. Holds its shape well.
    - Paul G.

    Gave this wand to my dad as part of his birthday gift. He said it worked great and was handy. Just bought one for myself.
    - Miguel H.

    Firm enough to clean well, but flexible enough to get into small spaces. Soft material won't scratch your wheels. This really cut down on my wheel cleaning time. Good investment.
    - Eli H.