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About Us

Kit WaxFormula 1 Auto Appearance Products originally began as Kit Car Wax, which was introduced in the US in 1958.  Kit quickly became the #1 leading selling Car Wax in the US because of its proprietary technology which enabled Carnauba Wax, the world’s hardest natural wax, to be easy to apply and wipe off of auto paint finishes.  Kit’s unique pre-softened formula produced the brightest, longest lasting shine of any car wax brand.
old carnauba wax packagingIn 1986, Northern Labs acquired the Kit brand and its famous Carnauba Wax technology.  Northern Labs applied this proprietary Carnauba Wax technology to a number of other auto product formulations, such as Car Wash and Protectants, and launched this new product line into international markets under the Formula 1 name.  All of the products were developed, tested and manufactured to demanding standards in Northern Labs' ISO certified manufacturing plant in Wisconsin.

old product groupOver the years, the Formula 1 Auto Care line has changed and improved as auto paint and surfaces have changed, but Formula 1 products are still manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing plant using that same famous Carnauba Wax technology that has given consumers superior performing Auto Care products for over 50 years.

Carnauba WaxToday, Formula 1 Auto Care markets a complete range of High Performance Carnauba Wax based formulations that are unsurpassed in cleaning, shining and protecting car surfaces.  The success of this product line has lead Formula 1 to be sold into over 60 international markets as well as in major US retailers.