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Black Gold® Tire Shine

Black Gold® Tire Shine

Gives Tires Deep, Rich Shine that Lasts!

  • Finest silicone polymers give a deep, natural shine.
  • Brings back original luster of tires.
  • Oil-free, water-resistant formula won't "brown out" tires like other tire shines.
  • Will not discolor tires or cause damage to tire wall as do cheaper products.
  • Just spray on and walk away.

Package Size: 23 oz
SKU# 615258
Car Care Tips
    Glossy black tires can make any car look better. With Black Gold, you have strong cleaning power plus deep conditioning to bring out the best in black tires. Here's a tip: After cleaning and conditioning with Formula 1 Black Gold, apply a layer of Formula 1 Premium Carnauba Wax to your tires. You will see an even deeper black gloss plus a protective coating to keep them looking great. To make the whole wheel look great, use Formula 1 Wheel Cleaner. It removes brake dust and brings out the original glossy shine.

    SHAKE WELL. Spray liberally onto clean, dry tire. Allow product to penetrate for several minutes before driving car.