DX-15 Fine Cut Compound Gallon

Less Drag, Less Haze for Faster, Higher Shine

Detail Express Fine Cut Compound will remove fine swirls and scratches without hazing or scouring. If a high gloss shine is desired, DX-15 is a perfect one-step application with no further compounding or sealing required.

  • Quickly removes fine swirls and scratches to give paint a mirror-like paint finish.
  • Leaves brilliant reflection with light surface correction.
  • Applies smoothly and levels quickly to work fast.
SKU: 525222
Package Size: 1 gallon

When repairing light damage, use DX-15 with the red Fine Cut Foam Pad equipped on a polishing machine. The Fine Cut Compound and pad effectively create light friction for minor corrections and deep polishing. This fine cut pairing will maximize gloss and achieve a mirror-like finish.

Only use on a clean and dry car. For best results, apply Fine Cut Compound in the shade to a cool paint surface. Dispense enough product to cover a surface of roughly two square feet. With moderate pressure and speed, move the polishing machine in broad, sweeping strokes in a crisscross pattern. Only 5 to 6 passes are required at an average speed for complete correction. Then wipe the surface clean with a microfiber towel.