DX-20 Super Polymer Sealant

Protect Your Car Finish with the Most Advanced Polymer Technology

When applied with the black Super Sealant Foam Pad, the DX-20 Sealant bonds to the paint finish to preserve the vibrant depth of color and adds durable, high-gloss shine.

  • Advanced cross-linked Super Polymer technology seals paint finish.
  • Gives the ultimate durable water-beading and UV protection.
  • Generates deeper paint color and brilliant shine with no white residue.
SKU: 525013
Package Size: 32 oz

Detail Express Super Polymer Sealant utilizes advanced cross-linked Super Polymer technology to seal and preserve paint finishes. DX-20 goes on clean and leaves no white residue. Applying a final coat of DX-20 provides protection against water, dirt and UV rays that will preserve newly-detailed car finishes beyond traditional Carnauba Wax.

Only use on a clean and dry car. For best results, apply Super Polymer Sealant in the shade to a cool paint surface. Dispense enough product to cover a surface of roughly two square feet. With moderate pressure and speed, move the polishing machine in broad, sweeping strokes in a crisscross pattern. Only 5 to 6 passes are required at an average speed for complete correction. Then wipe the surface clean with a microfiber towel.