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Premium Fast Wax

Premium Fast Wax

Ultimate Brilliant Shine and Lasting Super-Polymer Protection

  • Just spray on all exterior surfaces except windows and wipe off.
  • No buffing required.
  • No white residue in body seams and molding.
  • Leaves a brilliant shine and lasting protection in sun or shade.
Package Size: 16 oz
SKU# 517360
Car Care Tips
    Formula 1 Premium Fast Wax will ensure your car always has a showroom shine. An even layer of polymer Spray Wax should be applied in the shade or indirect sunlight. Work small sections at a time to avoid spotting and wax buildup. The best way to apply Fast Wax is with a microfiber. Formula 1 Super Shine microfiber is made specifically for waxing cars, so keep one on hand for quick polishes with Formula 1 Fast Wax.

    SHAKE WELL. Spray directly onto auto surface. May be used in direct sunlight or shade. To avoid overspray, spray directly onto a clean cloth and apply to surface. Spread evenly using a clean, soft cloth. Do one section at a time. Buff off with a separate clean, soft cloth.