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Detail Express

Detail Express


The Detail Express Polishing system consists of three compounds and matching foam or microfiber pads developed to provide solutions for any degree of surface damage. From heavy scratches and oxidation to fine swirls, Detail Express compounds are all that is needed to restore a paint finish and leave a deep, high gloss shine.

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Advanced cross-linked Super Polymer technology seals paint finish for the best water beading and UV protection. Use to bring out a deep paint color and brilliant shine with no white residue.

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Tire, Trim & Interior

Detail Express Interior products were developed to work together with compounds and sealant for a complete car restoration. Renewing the deep rich color of tires and trim with DX-40 finishes the exterior detailing, while the inside is cleaned and protected with DX-50 and DX-60.

DX-60 Restores natural beauty and shine to all leather and vinyl. Cleans, shines and protects in one easy step.

DX-50 Concentrated 4:1. Cleans all interior surfaces including Vinyl, Leather, Electronics, Plastic, Glass, Wood and Chrome.

DX-40 Restores tires and trim while sealing for lasting protection and shine.

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Formula 1 Detail Express foam polishing pads are specifically designed to produce excellent results when used with corresponding Detail Express compounds and Sealant. Match the pad color with the compound color for optimal results.

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