DX-10 Medium Cut Compound

Less Drag, Less Haze for Faster, Higher Shine

Detail Express Medium Cut Compound will repair medium scratches, swirls and waterspots without hazing or scouring. After completing paint corrections with DX-10, no further steps are required and the surface can be directly sealed with DX-20. 

  • Moderate cut to remove medium scratches, swirls and water spots.
  • Restores color to dull, older paint finishes.
  • Leaves a deep shine and high gloss.
SKU: 525005
Package Size: 32 oz

For best results on moderate damage, apply DX-10 with the yellow Medium Cut Foam Pad equipped on a polishing machine. While polishing, the abrasive breakdown and pad friction creates high-gloss leveling that quickly removes moderate paint imperfections.

Only use on a clean and dry car. For best results, apply Medium Cut Compound in the shade to a cool paint surface. Dispense enough product to cover a surface of roughly two square feet. With moderate pressure and speed, move the polishing machine in broad, sweeping strokes in a crisscross pattern. Only 5 to 6 passes are required at an average speed for complete correction. Then wipe the surface clean with a microfiber towel.