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Windshield Wash Concentrate

Windshield Wash Concentrate

Get a Clean, Streak-Free Windshield!

  • Powerful cleaners remove road film, dirt and insects.
  • Improves vision while on the road. 
  • Makes 5+ gallons (20 liters). 
  • Easy-to-use measuring and dispensing system. 
  • Small bottle for easy storage.
Package Size: 8 oz
SKU# 615995
Car Care Tips

    Keeping your windshield clean with high visibility is important for your safety and the safety of everyone on the road. The following cleaning tips will keep your windshield in top condition.

    • Lift the windshield wipers off the glass to keep them out of the way while cleaning.

    • Spray areas with bonded contaminants with glass cleaner and carefully use a razor blade at a 45 degree angle to remove any embedded bugs, road tar or sap from the windshield. Leaving these contaminants on the windshield causes your windshield wipers to skip over the glass and leave streaks that are difficult to see through.

    • Wipe down the entire windshield with a quality glass cleaner that is safe for autos.

    • Use an old microfiber or paper towel sprayed with glass cleaner to clean the wiper blades. If they are worn, be sure to replace them.

    • For extra protection, apply a rain repellant to improve your vision in the rain. Some glass cleaners have a repellent built in--be sure to follow instructions when using.

    Open cap and remove the seal. Squeeze concentrate into chamber from the bottom of the bottle until the concentrate reaches the 1/2 mark on the chamber. Add directly to the car windshield wash container. Three doses of concentrate to make one gallon (about 4 L) of windshield wash. Fill the remainder of the wash container with water.